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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:13 pm

To ensure this forum remains an enjoyable outlet for all members, we respectfully request that you adhere to the following rules and guidelines.
We are updating this document as we go so be sure to reread this document from time to time.

Code of Conduct

1. Please try to post in English and other language in multi-lingual forum. As a U-OZph Forum Member, we are advised to speak in english. This is a great challenge for all in global preparations.
2. Please dont post SPAM messages. It will just annoyed the members.
3. Please do not use language that sounds like, stands for, hints at, abbreviates, (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs) or illegal activities. Such F**k, lewd words and other pertinents.
4. Please do have fun, engage with other member, and treat your fellow with respect.

If you violate the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use,
1st offense You will be warned.
2nd offense Your post may be deleted.
3rd offense Your account may be suspended or permanently deactivated, depending the gravity of post. While we will endeavor to inform you of the reasons for our actions, this forum is not obliged to warn you before taking any action on your account.
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Code of Conduct
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